About Us

Girl Scouts In The Heart of Pennsylvania (GSHPA) has informed volunteers that it will be selling part(s) or all of the camps except Camp Small Valley in Halifax. This means that the main part of Camp Furnace Hills, which is located in Lancaster PA, will be sold.

On March 12, 2018, a group of volunteers met to form Furnace Hills Camping Association as a 501 (c) (3) (non profit) legal entity with the goal of acquiring part of Camp Furnace Hills.

We are working to secure property to allow the continuation of outdoor activities to the Girl Scouts and other organizations. Furnace Hills Camping Association intends to secure the property owned Girl Scouts Heart of Pennsylvania. We plan to do this either buying this property, leasing the property with the option to buy, or to manage this property on behalf of GSHPA.

One of the most popular questions that I have been asked since we started to build this organization is what happens if Girl Scouts Heart of Pennsylvania not to work with you or sells the property before you have the capital. We have had this discussion many times. Our mission will stay the same but we will secure other property and build off of that.

But to be able to do any of this we need supporters, we need as many people behind us as we can get if there is any chance of completing this mission. Girl Scouts Heart of Pennsylvania will not entertain a small group with no supporters like they would a small group with thousands of followers. Please join our mailing list, please send us your feedback Please help spread the word before it is to late. If just one person tells three people and then those 3 people each tell 3 people we will grow quickly and we will have a very loud voice.

Our mission is to deliver safe, affordable camping and meeting facilities to enrich the lives of youth and adults by providing opportunities for outdoor experiences, environmental education and service while having fun and creating memories in the great outdoors.